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9 reasons to get a Custom Broker to Export to USA

9 reasons to get a Custom Broker to Export to USA

9 reasons to get a Custom Broker to Export to USA

The exportation process to USA could be a difficult process if you don’t have the right information or suitable agents.

One of the most important moments is when you have to submit an entry to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Some kind of products have to comply with the FDA requirements before entering to the country. This is why you should ask for help to a professional agent in order to guide you in the process. Custom Brokers can support you in many things. Here, I leave you 9 reasons to get a Custom Broker to Export to USA:

  1. Determine if your product is FDA-regulated.
  2. Determine appropriate HTS codes, which are required by CBP. If you need to consult HTS codes by yourself, this link could be helpful.
  3. Inform the importer of FDA-Required information and associated affirmations of compliance.
  4. Obtain a bond sufficient to cover the entry.
  5. Provide required documentation to FDA, such as government forms, invoices and certifications. The importer may need to provide these documents to the entry filer
  6. Transmit required FDA entry information, using Automated Broker Interface (ABI), through CBP’s electronic import processing system to FDA’s electronic processing system.
  7. Enter a product’s affirmation of compliance information to expedite FDA review. The importer will need to provide affirmation of compliance information, such as registration numbers, to the entry filer.
  8. Provide initial or requested documents to FSA through FDA’s ITACS system or other means.
  9. Electronically file Prior Notice.

It is no easy to export to USA, especially if it comes to products that are regulated by FDA. This is why is recommendable to get a good Custom Broker who supports you in origin and destiny.

If you need some more information and quotation to export to USA, contact us and we will be thrilled helping you with anything you may require and provide you a great solution.

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