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6 reasons to export gourmet products with Integra International

6 reasons to export gourmet products with Integra International

6 reasons to export gourmet products with Integra International

If you are producer, distributor, importer and/or exporter of wine, cheese, olive oil, paprika or other “greatest hits” of the Spanish gastronomy, you are lucky! Your problems are over. We guide you to export gourmet products.

Here you have 6 reasons to export gourmet products with Integra International:

  1. Integral Service: we take care of the complete transport process, since the departure from the factory, customs management, international transit and capillary distribution. As a member of the international organization IFLN, we have local agents in more than 100 countries, so we can guarantee that the love and care that we provide to your product is the same at the destination.
  2. Experience: we have many years of experience in the sector, and we have already worked with this kind of products. We know what are their needs and the special shipping conditions that sometimes they require. During all this time, we have kept the contact with a lot of importers from many places around the world, and these relationships always help to perform the operations smoothly.
  3. Air Cargo agent authorized IATA: we can transport any kind of goods, any nature and any shipping needs, handling and conservation. Besides, as IATA agent, we have access to exclusive rates that allow us to provide an excellent value.
  4. Weekly ocean freight: we have scheduled departures every week to Miami. So, you can schedule your shipments in advance if you know the shipping frequency, and you can forget the transit time of the shipping company.
  5. Spanish products = increasing market: we chose Miami because of the increasing demand of Spanish gourmet products in USA, Mexico, Caribe and South America. The Spanish product is earning recognition as a quality product. Besides, the strategic location of Miami allows us to manage the distribution of the product to the rest of the continent.
  6. WE LOVE IT! We love the job we do, and we love the product you export, so we take care of any detail as if you do by yourself.

So, you don’t have to wait anymore or get worried about how difficult is to export gourmet products. Success is assured and we facilitate the way. But, if you still have any doubt or you need more information, please check the details of our service “Con pan y vino”, or, if you prefer, you can also ask for an ocean or air freight quotation or contact us directly. Do not miss the opportunity, this is your moment!

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