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Exporting Spanish olive oil: 3 illustrative data

Exporting Spanish olive oil: 3 illustrative data

Exporting Spanish olive oil: 3 illustrative data

One of the main protagonists of the Spanish gastronomy is the olive oil. This is why it is one of the most exported food products. Since the economic crisis reached us and the domestic consumption decreased, the companies has been in the obligation of internationalize or die. In the case of olive oil sector, it has been a great success and more and more entrepreneurs are exporting spanish olive oil nowadays.

There are several studies and reports that show the great position that the Spanish olive oil have in the international trade. This situation can be summarized in these 3 illustrative data in the olive oil sector:

  1. First world produces of olive oil.

Not in vain, the cultivated area in Spain is more than a quarter of the world´s olive-growing area, with more than 260 olive varieties that give us many combinations and flavors.

Olive Oil Production in Spain:

exporting spanish olive oil

  1. First world olive oil exporter.

Nowadays, Spain is exporting olive oil to more than 180 countries in the world, both in bulk and packaged. However, the balance between the two types of shipping is changing its trend: although we continue exporting in bulk (especially to Italy), packaging exports are gaining importance.

This means that Spanish olive oil is perceived more and more as a high quality product. The main destinies of the packaged exports are USA, France, Portugal, United Kingdom, Australia and China.

  1. Our olive oils must pass comprehensive quality controls.

This entails cost that raise the price of our “liquid gold” and, in recent times, it has been a problem for retailers: they could not lower the price of the product without incurring losses.

Meanwhile, superstores competed on the market with “sale to losses”, which distorts the image quality.

It is certainly clear that it is a good time for Spanish olive oil.


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