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Gastronomy and Spanish wines in Miami

Gastronomy and Spanish wines in Miami

Gastronomy and Spanish wines in Miami

Another year, it is celebrated SAVBOR, a gastronomic event in which we have the chance of present our best products and Spanish wines in Miami as international showcase. This year, SAVBOR Fine Food & Wine Exhibition will take place in June 22nd and 23rd.

This exhibition, highlights gourmet products specialization and is directed to an audience from the international food and oenological industry. It is a very nice opportunity for these professionals who want to promote and expand their businesses.

The perfect candidates to participate in SAVBOR are the producers interested in export products to the United States, South America and Caribbean area, taking advantage of the strategical location of Miami as a way to achieve this objectives.

Not in vain, Miami Bay is acquiring a protagonist role in the context of the international trade, due to its port has positioned has the first port where ships from the Panama Canal will stop, thus providing another argument for starting a business in this area, where already are more than 400 Spanish companies.

In fact, the list of the advantages that Spanish people find to stablish our businesses in the state of Florida is getting bigger. For this reason, more than 40% of the Spanish companies in the United States are in this region.

In addition to its strategical location, that gives access to the enormous market of USA and Latin America, the tax advantages that we can find there are much more interesting than the European, and, of course, than the Spanish. Amounts as basic, but with great importance, as Personal Income Tax or Corporate Tax are lower in Florida, so it is easier try and start a business.

In conclusion, dear gourmet products professionals and wine producers, considering the exposed areas on this post, do not miss the opportunity to present the best of gastronomy and Spanish wines in Miami the next June, in SAVBOR, because it can be a big step to the internationalization of your business.

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