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Gourmet products market in USA

Gourmet products market in USA

Gourmet products market in USA

According to recent studies, gourmet products market in USA has kept growing up, in spite of the economic crisis.

The most successful products are pasta, sauces and condiments, free alcohol beverages, prepared meals, sweets and desserts, cheeses and fresh products, in this order. This gourmet products represent about 13% of total sells.

Regarding their origin, most of the products imported to USA come from Europe, although last years has increased importations of Latin-American and Asian gourmet products.

About Spanish gourmet products, we know that cheeses, oils and spices are the protagonists.

The demand of this kind of products in USA has grown up due to the increase of the purchasing power of the population and the concern about eat healthier and quality food. The Gourmet products customer use to be younger than 35 years and with a high socioeconomic and educative level.

Concerning the distribution of these products in USA, supermarkets represents a 75% of the gourmet sells. Also there are Gourmet shops who sell them. They have a lot of providers, so they prefer to obtain it from a distributor. Distributors are the most important elements in gourmet products market in USA.

The forecast for the future is that local, sustainable and ecologic products will get more presence in the market. Organic and natural foods will keep being the most representative products in the gourmet market.

Those healthy products that could be quickly prepared and with new flavors will have more possibilities to highlight and to gain a good place in the gourmet products market.

Trends in international cooking will keep being those from Mediterranean area, but Latin-American and Indian cook will be much demanded.


Resource: ICEX


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