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Con pan y vino

The service

Integra International opens its new service “Con pan y vino”. It’s a line created in order to transport Spanish Gourmet products directly from Spain to Miami.

It is a kind of service less generalist than freight forwarder are used to work. In this case, is a focused service: it is a concrete course, and it is provided periodically and designed for a well-defined target.

Being trusty with its identity, the service provided by Integra International is an integral logistics service, in which every details of the supply chain are minutely care. The line “Con pan y vino” is developed in two modalities:

As an added value, as specialist in the Export of this kind of goods, Integra International guarantees a high quality service. We know well the physical and documentary requirements that these products need. In Integra International, caring the product is our priority.

Why Miami?

Miami is the US city with the highest number of Spanish inhabitants: there are more than 35000 Spanish people living in Miami and they miss the products of their homes. Also, there are more than 400 Spanish companies working in the city, which represent 40% of the total amount of Spanish companies working in the US.

The rest of the population also like the gourmet products. We know that because is a market which is growing, even in spite of the economic crisis.The Spanish Gourmet products with the highest presence there are olive oil and cheese.

productos Gourmet españoles

Nevertheless, we can´t ignore the increasing market of wine. Spain is one of the main wine exporters in the world. The image of the Spanish wine as a gourmet product is getting better. We can appreciate this because, nowadays, it is exporting more bottled wine and less bulk. So it is getting more value, better image and a well status.

Miami, in addition to its great concentration of Spanish and Latin population, has another great advantage: its strategical geolocation. Because of its location, it is an excellent hub from which manage a distribution way in the East coast of the US, Central America and Caribbean Sea. Furthermore, Miami bay will be the first port in which the boats from Panama Canal, expanding its influence range to the southern states of US and the northern countries of Latin America.

To whom is it addressed?

As it is specified in the first paragraph, “con pan y vino” is a line designed created in order to transport Spanish gourmet products from Spain to Miami.

So, this service is perfect for you if you are:

  • Producer and/or exporter of wine, olive oil, olives, pickles, cheese, ham, sausages, spices, preserved foods… and you want to transport your product to US, Central America or Caribbean Sea.
  • Importer and/or distributor in America of any of this products.
  • Retail in America and you import your own products.

Do not wait more to export your Spanish Gourmet products. Find out how you can benefit from the most competitive rates and request your air or ocean freight quote.

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