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United Nations Day

United Nations Day

United Nations Day

Like it’s been doing since 1948, on October 24th it is celebrated the United Nations Day.

This day is celebrated as a commemoration of the anniversary of the entry into force of the letter of the United Nations in 1945. Through the ratification of this document, entered into force officially the United Nations Organization.

During this day, it is going to perform a lot of activities around the world whose main purpose is to show the public the aims and roles that plays the United Nations Organization and earn more supports.

The commemoration of this day offers a space around the world for meetings and expositions about the aims and achievements of the Organization, as well as discussions about the troubles that affects to the world peace.

Usually, ONU celebrates a concert at the headquarters of the United Nations. Also it inaugurates the artwork “Enlightened Universe” at the Central Park of New York. It is an interactive sculpture composed by a sphere surrounded by a spiral of 70 figures that represent the 70 years from the foundation of the Organization.

Besides, with the slogan of “Paint the world with blue UN”, monuments and emblematic buildings around the world will be illuminated blue the United Nations Day as a part of a new world campaign whose purpose is promoting a message in favor of peace and human rights.

Resource: UN

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