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World Humanitarian Day

World Humanitarian Day

World Humanitarian Day

As is being done the last seven years, today August 19th it is celebrated the World Humanitarian Day. The date match with the anniversary of the attack to the UN headquarters in Bagdad, Iraq, in 2003.

“One humanity” is the catchword this year. Through the events celebrated all around the world, the United Nations intend to appeal to global solidarity, focusing on the issues discussed in the World Humanitarian Summit celebrated last May in Istambul. Mainly, they want to focus the efforts on supporting the people affected by the economic crisis and warrantee the safety of all the humanitarian worker in order to carry out their tasks successfully.

The United Nations has been coordinating humanitarian works since Europe was devastated as a consequence of the Second World War. From that moment, the world has an organization who give response to every kind of emergency situations, assisting to the victims as quick as possible and working in preventing these situations.

Precisely for the urgent nature of these actions, logistics fluency is very important. Thanks to technological advances it is possible to perform actions more efficiently. The delivery of humanitarian aid packages containing food or medicine by drones is increasingly frequent. This kind of UAVs provides a solution to the complications caused by the poor state of transport infrastructures, climatic factors or distance between places.

At the moment, the results are very positive since terms have been reduced and the reaction capacity of the humanitarian organizations has been improved.

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