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In order to provide to its clients the highest quality service and offer a wide range of possibilities, Integra International performs networking activities and participates in business organizations that increase its capabilities.


OPLOG-SP is a multidisciplinary business platform which aims to provide logistics support to both public organisms and private industry. Based in the United States, the main activity of OPLOG-SP is to promote, offer and develop global logistics solutions in three different business areas:

  • PROJECT CARGO MANAGEMENT, whose center of operations is located in the offices in Houston (Texas).
  • DEFENSE and AERONAUTICS INDUSTRY, coordinated and developed from the deegation in Washington DC.
  • INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION LOGISTICS, managed from the headquarters in Miami.

Integra International, is founder member of OPLOG-SP and is in charge of developing the logistics distribution area in the organization. It is able to provide integral logistics solutions to the Defense industry (supply management programs, outsourcing contracts, turnkey or emergency aid) and private industry.


Integra International is an active Member of the International Organization IFLN (International Freight and Logistics Network). Founded in 2000, the group concentrates a staff of more than 18000 professionals and 400 offices in 100 countries of the five continents.

As a result, customers of IFLN and its Members receive the dual benefits of local knowledge and experience on operatives together with the overall consistency of management throughout the supply chain, whichever countries and locations that might encompass.

So that, as a Member of IFLN, Integra International has a global coverage with high qualification local presence, also benefiting from preferential arrangements with first level providers. This allows us offer a logistics service around the world, guaranteeing the maximum effectiveness and the best precision.

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