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AIRBUS shows us PAZ.

AIRBUS shows us PAZ.

AIRBUS shows us PAZ.

On March 2nd, AIRBUS organized a private presentation for a little selection of companies in order to show us satellite PAZ.

Upon arrival at the facility, we are invited to enter to a reception where we can enjoy a fantastic cocktail and, of course, spend some time with all the distinguished guests.

After this warm welcome, we go into a meeting room where they make a presentation of the projects they are working in. Currently, Airbus is developing a lot of projects in collaboration with ESA.

But the target of our visit is to know satellite PAZ. Product of the cutting edge Spanish technology, satellite PAZ is one of the most advanced today, because its resolution quality allows take pictures day and night under any meteorological condition. Its main functions are to give meteorological and cartographic support and surveillance. It is designed to work during five and a half years.

It is expected that the launch will take place throughout this year 2016.

At last, at the end of the morning, we have the honor to see the satellite by ourselves through the glass of the isolated room where it is located. We are very grateful to Airbus for letting us enjoy such technologic advances.


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