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Defense Logistics in Integra International

Defense Logistics in Integra International

Defense Logistics in Integra International

As usual on these dates, we have traveled to Brussels and Luxembourg to keep the annual meetings in the headquarters of the different supranational organizations related to the Defense sector, strategic sector in which Integra International is specialized.

One year more, satisfied and with our goals reached, we grateful for the time and attention given by the representatives of the different organisms with whom we had the chance to study and concrete the new arising options and the pathways to develop this business line on which we keep working successfully every year.

In our visit to NSPA (NATO Support and Procurement Agency) in Luxembourg, we left with new projects and having received first-hand their current logistics needs for immediate collaborations.


In the new facilities of OTAN in Brussels, we celebrate meetings in order to stablish new business plans.


Finally, in EU we detailed formulas for the logistic support development in international consortiums and in the European Defense scope.


This way, we revalidate our credentials and agreements, consolidate our position for the future and we take note of all the options for increasing the international business in the Defense sector.

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