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6 tips to win the battle to job stress

6 tips to win the battle to job stress

6 tips to win the battle to job stress

Since 2003, every 28th of April the International Labour Organization celebrates the World Day for Safety and Health at Work with the aim of promoting the prevention of occupational accidents and educate workers on the importance of respecting the security rules and follow the recommendations of good practice to perform the duties of each position. Until not long ago, occupational risks were associated to accidents or physical illnesses. Nevertheless, either due to technical innovation or social and organizational changes, are emerging other forms of occupational risks. That is why the theme of the campaign this year is “ Job Stress : a collective challenge”.

The high level of requirement and pressure at work, and the increase of competitiveness or long working hours are just some examples of factors that makes the work environment more and more stressful.In addition, we must consider the current economic situation and, as a consequence, mass layoffs, precarious jobs and financial instability. All this adversely affects mental health and wellness.

So, here you have some advices to win the battle against your job stress:

  1. Do things with time: yes, wake up early in the morning is difficult for everybody but having to leave in hurry is not the best way to start the day. Conversely, waking up with time in order to prepare yourself, taking a good breakfast and not having to run help to star your day in a healthy rhythm.
  2. Organize your functions: noting your pending tasks is a very useful practice. This way, you “take it out” from your mind and you are not thinking about it all the time. An alarm in your phone, a diary or a post-it are good tools that can help you with this.
  3. Time at work: it is just it, work. You should not distract yourself with personal problems, because they can also stress you. So try to concentrate yourself in your tasks. If you do this, you won’t waste your time and will finish your tasks soon (and this is very liberating). Of course, you don’t forget to have a break and relax.
  4. Personal time: in this case, you have you enjoy your time and disconnect from work (or whatever that stress you). When you change your activity, change it for real. Each thing has its own time. Enjoy a good company, smile and spend some time outdoors.
  5. Do exercise: you eliminate toxins and liberate endorphins, the famous “happiness hormone”. Never neglect your physical health. Your body will be yours your entire life. You know: “mens sana in corpore sano”.
  6. Sleep the hours needed to recover: the accumulated sleep will not lead to anything good. And if you can’t sleep because of job stress, start practicing this previous advices and you will recover a right rhythm.


Definitely: “Work to live, don´t live to work.”

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